About MessageCube

Life is just better that way.

About Us

Helping people by making their lives better is what life is all about. It’s what led our founder to start a career in the NHS, and it’s what inspired him to create the Message Cube.


For years he would leave little messages in leaving cards and go out for meals as colleagues came and went, but something was missing. Whilst a card would take pride of place on the kitchen table for a few days, it would soon find its way into a drawer or box never to be seen again. But what if there was a better way to do it? With that thought the Message Cube was born, and we haven’t looked back since.


By sharing memories and spreading joy with people from all walks of the life, the Message Cube allows anyone to send something truly unique with the click of a button. It’s a chance to make someone’s day, see the smile on their face and add something to their home they’ll always love to look at.

Treat Someone Special